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One fixed price with no hidden charges. ​Unlimited use lets you get creative and maximise ROI.


Track who’s watching and learn about audience preferences with regular data reports.

Creative Uses

Muli format URL’s mean unlimited ways to bring content to life in existing platforms and channels.

Instant Impact​

No integrations needed!​ Reach multiple talent segments in days and start making a difference.


Need custom content? We'll create it.​ Need help reaching your audience? We've got the tech and experience.

Inspire action with ​


A ready-to-use library of short-form videos

Actionable advice for recruiting, onboarding, and developing talent​

Unlimited creative ways to build skills and boost engagement 

Short form videos get 250% more engagement than long ones
Early Career Videos

Engage, support + develop bright young minds as they join your team

  • Exploring career paths​

  • Interview and assessment support​

  • Gearing up for work experience​

  • Keep Warm campaigns​

  • Work readiness + transition skills ​

Ready for some ideas + inspiration? 

People recall 85% of information from videos

Experience the full library and playlists