• Tim Way


The transition from college to the professional world isn’t easy. Let’s be honest – joining any new organisation or team at any stage of your career is challenging.

Bright young minds (graduates, interns, emerging talent) are a core ingredient of workforce strategies, injecting energy, digital fluency and challenging established wisdom.

As an HRD, it’s always made a lot of sense to introduce clever people at the start of the career funnel and push everyone else upwards and sideways – improving mobility and retention. 

We think there's something bigger at play here too. The contribution these individuals can make influencing cultural and leadership change is significant. If that’s not being realized you’re missing a trick. 

The value of developing ‘Human Skills’ in early career cohorts is enormous and often overlooked with priority given to functional and technical immersion. It’s one reason too many graduates exit at the end of ‘formal training’.

Human Skills sit at the centre of being effective whether you’re 21 or 41 (and there’s a lot of 40 somethings re-learning how they approach things – e.g. Growth Mindset, Connected Leadership).

The winners in generating higher productivity and retention will include ‘Human Skills’ as an essential organisational capability. How we connect and build relationships, become more emotionally aware and open, find our place in the team, manage priorities, become more accountable and find the best way to contribute.

Developing awareness and the confidence to explore and develop these attributes among your early career talent presents a great opportunity for wider cultural influence.  It recognizes the value of the follower, rather than just the leader, and moves beyond viewing this community as one with a generational difference as their badge of identity.

They also jump into each day more balanced, productive and stick around for longer. 

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