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Give Gen Z Reasons to Believe 🤝

Is your early career engagement strategy giving curious young minds a ‘Reason to Believe’?  

Reason to Believe (RTB) comes from the marketing world.   Simply put it is the bridge between a brand message and the audience's trust.  

Among Gen Z scepticism runs pretty high – they want authenticity and they’re not easily swayed.  Every organisation overtly cares about people, the planet, diversity, development, and wellbeing. Where’s the point of difference 😕? 

That’s why a compelling RTB is so important.  It’s where brands break through the generic noise and start building connections and trust.  

A strong RTB should sit at the centre of your communication and engagement strategy.  It should be felt from the first time a young person connects with your brand through to the day they start work.  

Include these 6 elements in your early career engagement activity to stand out from the crowd:  

  1. Authenticity 💯: Gen Z rate this above all other values.  Real evidence shared in a relatable way.  Be wary of too much corporate polish. 

  2. Data 📊:  Understand their heads and hearts.  Don’t ask ‘please rate your experience’. Do ask – ‘what are you thinking, what more can we tell you… 

  3. Humans being human 🏂: Real people sharing lived experiences connects on a deeper level.  

  4. One size doesn’t fit all 👡🥾: We all have different reasons 'to believe’.  Tailor messages and evidence for diverse talent groups.    

  5. Show - don’t tell 🖼️: Use visuals and evidence to make your RTB compelling.   

  6. Little and often 👋🏻: Consistent evidence is persuasive and what Gen Z want.  Don’t fizz then fizzle.   

You want young talent to notice and get to know your organisation. That's what gets them curious and interested in what your brand is all about.  RTB is what makes your organisation stand out. It builds trust and shows people that your promises are for real. 

When competition for early career talent is high, evidence becomes far more compelling than a promise!   

💡 If you’d like some ideas and inspiration let us know.  We’re happy to share ideas and insights with you.   



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