• Tim Way


Career starters find it challenging interpreting, and adapting, to a different set of cultural characteristics.

Simply put - cultural influences are harder to decode and respond to. How can you help your bright young minds make the jump:

Here’s 3 examples of initiatives that can help:  

1.     Develop & appoint mentors with the skills to educate and support early careers hires through cultural transition.  

2.     Include cultural awareness training 'early' in development programs – e.g. communication styles, team dynamics, courageous conversations, listen v speak.

3.     Teach ‘Active Listening’ as an attribute and skill. It helps identify, filter and respond to situations before they become points of tension. 

Dedicating resources and time to development is a balancing act. Most immersion happens ‘on the job’ which is where the cultural nuances come to life. Helping your graduates interpret and navigate through these sets them up to thrive.   

The Career Conversation distribute material in text, podcast and video format using a smart digital platform. Engaging dispersed audiences with great, personalised material – when they need it most.

Our 'Early Career Transition' digital learning journey can help your young talent deliver settle in and start contributing.

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