• Tim Way


Updated: Oct 14, 2021

Here's 5 things we regularly see requiring action when organisations commit to refocusing effort on their approach to internal talent mobility.

1.      Posting roles ‘internally’ is not a strategy.  ‘We advertise all roles’ is a regular retort.

Tip: What’s the real experience internally ? Can you simplify the experience & amplify the value of internal talent.      

2.      Budgets are externally focused. A disproportionate % of TA budgets are spent on tech, resource & advertising linked to external hiring. 

Tip: Re-think the budget to reflect the priority talent.

3.      Leaders can help & hinder. External talent is still considered premium. Change the mindset of ‘find and own’ to one of ‘develop and release’.  Old policies & practices can constrain progress.  

Tip: Elevate the leader ! Re-educate & train on the ‘why’ & the ‘how’. Make them feel valued & hold them to account (e.g. “you’re now an accredited bar raiser”).

4.      Engagement is an outcome. People stick with you if they know they matter. 

Tip: Identify a few high impact touch points where an improved experience & message lets people know they, & their careers, matter.

5.      The ‘white glove’ approach at scale is a challenge.  TA/HR teams don’t typically have capacity to coach & enable an internal talent marketplace. This connects to elevating leaders to drive & own this. 

Tip: Some great tools & platforms focus on managing & supporting talent mobility. A few industry leaders to investigate include Gloat, Fuel50, Avature & Phenom People.

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