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Supercharge engagement + development with short form video

Short, snappy videos can transform the way your team learns and connects.  Awesome for SME’s, game changing for bigger teams.  

We create 90-second clips—they're fun, fresh, and fit right into what you're already doing or can totally rock on their own. 🤘🏻

Ready to drop some quick knowledge bombs in your team's day? 😏

(example of one of our videos below to give you a taste to what we're cooking up 🍝)


Shake up development like it's a social media feed!  📱

Picture this: quick, engaging videos that fit perfectly into your busy workday, giving you and your team instant inspiration and insights. Forget the old-school, long-drawn training sessions. Say hello to high-energy learning bursts that match the pace of your day.  

Whether you're bringing on newbies or leveling up your leaders, our video collection is all about keeping everyone moving forward and feeling good about their job, every step of the way. 

Level up onboarding and leadership. 🤝

Getting new team members up to speed and boosting your leaders confidence is a breeze with our videos. Packed with clear, powerful tips, these clips make coaching a snap and transform the onboarding process.  Supporting the head and heart from day 1 sets everyone up for success.  

Revamp recruitment experience and improve internal mobility.  🙋🏽

Our videos guide candidates every step of the way—from thinking about a change, to landing and settling into new roles, perfect for graduates through to experienced hires. Stand out by being there for them throughout their entire journey. 

And don’t overlook the hiring leaders - short, sharp videos can spark them into action, enhancing both the experience and the results. 

A quick, on-point video can really get things moving.  🏃🏽‍♀️

Our short clips deliver the right advice at the right time, sparking awareness and action. Easily integrate them into your existing platforms and workflows, or get creative with our Playlist Library to craft targeted campaigns that resonate with your audience. 

Ready to shake things up? 🪇

Book a call and let’s brainstorm! Discover how short form videos can elevate skills, boost capabilities, and enhance outcomes. Get ready for some fresh ideas, insights, and loads of inspiration! 



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