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Supporting graduates as they transition into the workforce in 2024.

Across Australia, 1000’s of graduates are readying themselves for day 1 in the full-time workforce 😃😯.

Young people join the workforce once in a lifetime, making this a milestone event🍾 🥇.

It’s one of those ‘moments that matter’ phases when getting things right in the early days and weeks will influence retention, engagement, and performance. 

Here’s a quick reminder of some key considerations as you’re finalising your approach to onboarding and immersion. 

3 things new graduates worry about:
🧍😕 Fitting in: 

From a bit of imposter syndrome to finding a friend new graduates want to feel like they ‘belong’.  This is a common emotion for anyone starting a new role, but graduates don’t have the benefit of previous experience to draw on. 

📈😓 Performance expectation:  

Graduates worry about whether they have the necessary skills to excel in their job, if they can handle the responsibilities assigned to them, and if they will be able to keep up with the pace and demands of the professional world.

⏰🧳 Working 9 to 5 (what a way to………. stop singing😎):

Something we’ve heard repeated by new graduates is the jolt of operating on a new schedule for 5 straight days.  What’s second nature for old hands is a totally new rhythm for a lot of new graduates. 

3 things that will support them through the transition period:

Early career leaders know this stuff.  What can be challenging is doing something about it.  If you think you’d like to be doing more, get in touch. 📧

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